ESPN dishes on the thriving eSports scene in Dallas

The eSports scene is not only succeeding in Dallas. It is thriving.

ESPN’s Jacob Wolf spent time in Dallas analyzing the tantalizing eSports industry and just how successful it has been.

“From May to August of 2017, investors from various Dallas-Fort Worth sports teams, venture capital groups, real estate and oil companies separately came to terms to invest in three of esports’ longest-tenured organizations. Between them, more than $105 million in capital has been contractually committed in acquisitions, investments and development projects related to esports.

And the growth has gone beyond pro teams, as well. By the fall, four local colleges will have school-sponsored esports programs; at the end of 2018, two esports-specific facilities will open in Frisco and Arlington; and by 2020, the Big D’s first geolocated esports franchise, the Dallas Fuel, will leave Los Angeles and come home.

Dallas was the birthplace of the industry in the U.S., but it lost its stride in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Now, it’s second only to Los Angeles as the country’s capital of esports” -Jacob Wolf, ESPN

ESPN continues on by telling individual success stories in the Dallas eSports scene while also diving into Mark Cuban’s roots in the eSports industry.

You can read the full ESPN story on the thriving eSports scene in Dallas here.