Fan Tweetcap: MavsGG defeats Lakers Gaming 2-1

Mavs Gaming won 2-1 over Lakers Gaming (47-80, 72-67, 67-66) on Wednesday Night.

Game one could easily named the Lake Show. SAV dominated the contest, scoring 41 points, and the Los Angeles defense held MavsGG to 46.3 percent from the field.

Coming out in game two, MavsGG turned everything around. Dimez and Sherm put up 28 and 26 points, respectively. Although SAV would still get his buckets, the little things on defense that Spartan and PeteBeBallin contributed forced a game three.

The final stand was a back-and-forth contest all night long. The game came down to the final minute.

With under 40 seconds remaining, Dimez attempted a layup, but it was no good. As SAV leaked out on the fast break, Sherm swiped the ball away from him. Sleetys kicked it out to Sherm, and with two quick steps, he is able to seal the game for MavsGG, draining a three behind the arc.

Final combined stats for the team:

Sherm – 50 points, 12 assists
Dimez – 86 points, 10 assists – Player of the Series
Sleetys – 3 points, five assists
Spartan – 18 points, 12 rebounds, six blocks
PeteBeBallin – 29 points, 25 rebounds, 12 blocks

The one-point victory left NBA 2K League fans celebrating on Twitter. Here is what they had to say about the win:

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MavsGG will face Kings Guard Gaming on Friday night at 8PM CT on the ESPN App, Twitch and YouTube.