Five takeaways from Mavs Gaming’s 2-0 sweep over Hawks Talon on Tuesday night

Here’s five takeaways from Mavs Gaming’s 2-0 (72-55, 73-49) sweep over Hawks Talon on Tuesday night.

Versatility was coach’s 2020 key. If you recall in season one and two, Dimez ran point guard in every game. On Tuesday night for the first time in two seasons, a new player lead the offense in Sherm, and Dimez played at the two. In case you didn’t keep up with MavsGG in the offseason, Sherm, Mo and Dimez all competed in the point guard position at a high-level at some point when NBA 2K20 released. Not only that, new addition Sleetys, who played lock last night, shared at the draft that he would be ready to play any position that the coaches asked of him. You saw all of this unfold on Tuesday night. Throughout the season, you could see a new starting five every night because of this team’s versatility, making it extremely difficult for teams to have one set strategy against MavsGG. Coach LT explained that three to four players wanted to “expand their game” this offseason. He said, “we’ve tried many different lineups, so nobody knew what to expect.”

“We feel like we gave the world a Christmas gift, and they got to unwrap it.”

PeteBeBallin’s paint: PeteBeBallin recorded double-doubles in both games, and shot 90% from the field. There simply wasn’t an answer for him under the glass, but even outside of his offensive showcase, his defense lead the way for MavsGG. With the exception of BP, Hawks Talon struggled to find a shooting rhythm outside the paint. Left with no options, the other four members of the team scored only 10 points in total in game two.

Staying patient: Over and over in game two, it seemed like MavsGG had its shot clock winding down with no scoring option, but somehow they managed to get it done. Sherm nailed a mid-range buzzer beater before halftime in game two, which left the Twitch chat racing. Although game one was not streamed, it appeared in the second game that the team had total control over the pace of the game with 26 forced turnovers. Coach LT said, “we cut down early on the turnovers, and got the best high percentage shot each and every time.”

“We practice pace almost every day in practice, so shout out to our guards who stayed cool, calm and collected.”

Share the wealth: Last night, every man on the roster looked for the best open shot. All five MavsGG starters earned at least one assist in both games. In game one, the team had 20 assists with only four total turnovers. With a series high of 7 assists, Dimez stayed true to his name, showing off some clean dishes to every starter. In his debut at point guard, Sherm found six assists and only three turnovers in game two, but he put up a career high of 30 points in game one. Spartan also made a solid offensive debut, producing seven points, four assists and four steals in game two.

Total effort: To beat MavsGG, everyone on the opposing team will need to perform at their best and limit the turnovers. BP is among the elite guards in the NBA 2K League. Although the team lost, he put up 59 combined points on 40 shot attempts in two games. As anyone who covers this League knows, every teams’ star players will get their buckets no matter what but limiting the role players will lead to victories this season. Mavs Gaming had nine steals in both games. Overall, you saw how effectively reading the passing lanes converted into easy fast break points for the team, giving MavsGG much-needed momentum. “This team wants to bring home banners and championships to the city this season.” Coach LT said. “We’re going to be a hard team to beat now and down the line.”

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