Mavericks do some ‘Ballin’ in NBA2K draft

With the fifth overall pick of the NBA 2K Draft, the Mavericks took what they believe to be the gaming equivalent of Luka Doncic.

A diverse player who can do it all.

They picked PeteBeBallin, also known as Peter Malin from New York, and couldn’t have been happier to bring him on board to pair with last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd.

“Pete is a very versatile player,” said Tray Thompson, Mavericks Esports sales manager. “He can complement Dimez as a big, who can pick and pop, play interior defense and a facilitator. He’ll kind of alleviate the attention from Dimez. He’s just as efficient at facilitating and scoring the ball as Dimez. I love our team.”

The Mavericks, who missed the playoffs in the inaugural season of NBA gaming, also had the 14th overall pick and took Moustapha Saab, who goes by the gaming handle Byanymeansmo.

The gaming end of the NBA business might be foreign to the older generation, but it is a lucrative byproduct that the league is latching onto going forward.

“The emotional impact you get from, let’s say, Dirk hitting a game-winning 3-point shot, that same emotional impact is on a virtual standpoint with these gamers,” Thompson said. “It’s an opportunity for kids who have been playing this game for years to step into a professional spotlight, and it’s a credit to Adam Silver seeing this vision and the NBA owners seeing the vision that Esports is a growing entity. You’re looking at an age range from 16 to 35 This is something that the league and the younger fans have to look forward to for a long time.

“This does bring the opportunity if you don’t have the (athletic) ability but you have the passion for gaming, you can now have a career in it and that’s the biggest thing. You have an opportunity to make money at doing something you love. This year, they can get a salary for a six-month stint and an opportunity to play for $1.2 million.”


Draft Round/Selection Position Name Gamer Tag

Round 1/ Pick 5 C Peter Malin PeteBeBallin

Round 1/ Pick 14 SG Moustapha Saab ByAnyMeansMo

Round 2/ Pick 25 SF Justin Sherman Sherm

Round 3/ Pick 41 PF Matthew Rux Rux

Round 4/ Pick 59 C Grant Barker Grant Monster