Mavs emerge from Hell Week with strong split

Hell Week.

This is was the label that Mavs Gaming had given the week as they entered what head coach Jonah Edwards tabbed last week as the “toughest week of the season.”

While most weeks have one opponent and one game a week, this week consisted of two games on Saturday. On top of that, they were against two of the best teams in the league and two teams Mavs Gaming had already played.

Up first, was a rematch against the number two overall pick oFab and Celtics Crossover Gaming.

It was just a few weeks ago that Dallas went down by 20 points to the Celtics in the Tipoff Tournament and came back with a win in arguably the best game of the tourney. Even though Dallas wanted to avoid getting down for a second time, it was inevitable due to a slow start by Dimez; the number one overall pick in the draft.

“I probably came out too overly aggressive,” Dimez said of his slow start. Dimez would open the game missing his first eight shots with zero points going into halftime.

If you told someone Dimez had zero points at halftime, most people would assume that Dallas would be down big heading into the second half. Instead, Mavs Gaming went into the second half down by just five points thanks to a huge first half from Seem.

“Dimez didn’t start off well and we didn’t want to lose,” Seem said. “I just replaced Dimez’s scoring role that game.”

Seem would have 13 points on 6-of-10 shooting at the half.

“Seem kept us in it the whole game,” Dimez added.

The second half was a different story for Mavs Gaming … much like their first matchup with Boston. Dallas turned on the heat and of course, let Boston know about it as the Celtics melted to the pressure once again.

Dimez would bounce back and still end up with a double-double in the game. Dayfri finished with 17 points and 13 rebounds while Devillon and JLB combined for 15 points. But the player of the game was undoubtedly the sharpshooting guard in Seem.

“We know that Seem is a great player, the world doesn’t know it quiet yet,” Edwards said.

Edwards continued on to praise the practice time Seem has been putting in while also giving credit to the hard working coaching staff that has poured into him also.

Seem would finished with 24 points and six assists on 10-of-15 shooting from the field. He also shot 50% from behind the arc.

“I felt like everything was going my way that game,” Seem said of his performance.

“He played phenomenal. He is the best shooting guard in the league,” Dimez added.

After each NBA2K League game a member of the winning team is always interviewed for the broadcast. Even though Dayfri was the guy getting the interview afterwards, the team pushed heavily for Seem to get the interview. He deserved it after the game he had just played.

In the 66-59 win against a top team in Boston, the four starters outside of Dimez scored 56 of the 66 points. Something that Coach Edwards believes is a testament to how good Mavs Gaming can really be.

“When Dimez isn’t scoring and we are still able to pull games. That is when you know we are a lot more than the Dimez show,” coach Edwards said. “That is when you know Mavs Gaming is going to be a dangerous team.”

The second matchup later in the evening was against the same team that put the Mavs out of the Tipoff Tournament just a few weeks ago: 76ers Gaming. Heading into the matchup both being undefeated in the regular season, it was the must-see game of the day.

Although it wasn’t an annihilation like last time, 76ers played their game once again and never let the Mavs get over the hump. The two-man game between Dimez and Dayfri was working early, but the supporting cast could never find their groove as Dallas fell, 75-65.

Dimez and Seem both spoke about the lack of rebounding on their end, but it was the outside shooting of Philly that would play a huge role in the victory also. 76ers Gaming would finish the game shooting 12-of-18 from behind the arc.

“I like playing them. They are competitors,” Seem said on playing Philly. “I look forward to playing them anytime,” Dimez added.

After the game, a player from 76ers Gaming was interviewed about the game and chose to take a shot towards people calling Seem the “best shooting guard in the league”.

“I saw the interview, but he knows. He respects Seem and respects us as a team,” Dimez said.

When asking Seem about the interview, Seem had a veteran answer to the question.

“I feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Seem responded.

Now, it’s time for Dallas to hit the reset button as the toughest week of the season is over and they head back to playing one opponent in a week.

“Biggest thing is a reset from those games…we went one out of two and that was our goal,” Coach Edwards said. “We called it hell week for a reason.”

Mavs Gaming faces off against Heat Check Gaming on Friday, May 25 at 7:00 p.m. CT. You can watch all games at