Mavs Gaming CommUNITY Service: The Father’s Day Esports Brunch

On Saturday, June 18, Mavs Gaming spent time at the East Dallas Boys and Girls Club for a Father’s Day Esports Brunch. Shooting guard Jarvis Thompson and Assistant Coach Roy Krishnan sat with fathers and their children to discuss the world of Esports and how impactful gaming can be as a career. “I enjoy talking to kids, especially about my experiences in life. So, coming here, being able to share some of those experiences with the Boys and Girls Club, the fathers, Father’s Day, it was a special experience for me…But overall, talking about the pros and cons of being a professional gamer, and the different paths it takes to get here, or just the different careers you can do around Esports is a very good, interesting, and inclusive talk.” said Jarvis.

Mavs Gaming also celebrated the Club’s new gaming lab that was recently built for kids aspiring to play video games with a fireside chat. The chat included a number of deep and engaged questions from the fathers about Esports as a career. At the end of the day, the dads left the chat with an informed and supportive mindset on the world of gaming. Coach Roy had this to say when asked about his dad “To my dad, I’ll aways say, no matter what, thank you for supporting me. I know the NBA2K League and Esports, sometimes it’s new, sometimes it’s scary, but thank you for always having my back.” Visit to stay up to date on all Mavs Gaming 2K League and Mavs Gaming CommUNITY events!