MavsGG vs. Hornets Venom Preview

About the Match: Mavs Gaming will clash with Hornets Venom GT on Wednesday, May 20 at 6:00 P.M. in week three. MavsGG is 4-0 on the season, while Hornets Venom enters the game with a 2-1 record.

Below are the stats from Friday’s game against Kings Guard:

Sherm – 55 points, 11 assists
Dimez – 64 points, five assists, seven steals – Player of the Series
Sleetys – 11 points, four assists, three steals
Spartan – 16 points, 17 rebounds, eight assists
PeteBeBallin – 32 points, 38 rebounds, 13 assists, 12 blocks

“We prep for every team the same.” Coach LT said. “We don’t take any team lightly. With that being said, [Hornets Venom] have a great team, so it should be fun.”

This will be first match between MavsGG and Hornets Venom.

About Hornets Venom: Hornets Venom was the first expansion team to join in season three. NBA 2K League champion NachoTraynor joined Coach BiggWest to lead the front office of the organization. . . In the expansion draft, the team selected Type; Charlotte traded away Strainer and Mo to Cleveland and Dallas in exchange for first round draft picks . . . Charlotte picked Expose, Snubby, Zae, Trap and Gliz. Read more about Hornets Venom GT here.

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