Presenting the Texas Ticket PS5 Tournament

The Mavs Gaming Texas Ticket Tournament returns, but this time for the Playstation 5.

This competition will be played online on NBA 2K21 as a part of the NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series. This opportunity will be the final chance for those that want to become a professional NBA 2K player.

“This will be the first NBA 2K League type of action on PS5,” Coach LT said. “Being one of the first teams to host a [next generation] tournament is huge for our brand, and huge for the people participating.

“Being able to say that you won one of the first Next Gen tournaments is very special.”

All five players from the winning team of the Texas Ticket will become draft-eligible for the 2021 NBA 2K League Draft. MavsGG will also award one competitor from a non-winning team the Prospect Badge to become draft-eligible.

MavsGG launched the inaugural Texas Ticket NBA 2K Pro-Am Tournament in November 2019, followed up with the second installment held in November 2020.

Power Forward Zaeya “Zae” Ishak won the first PS4 draft-eligible spot at the 2019 Texas Ticket tournament and was eventually drafted by Hornets Venom GT at the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. In a blockbuster trade with Charlotte, MavsGG acquired Zae along with Gerald “Sick One” Knapp.

“It was a blessing,” Zae said, describing how it felt to earn a spot in the draft pool. “I played the Combine before, and I didn’t even make the first qualification. This just makes my life so much easier and my family’s too.”

Registration opens on Jan. 11 to players looking to earn a draft spot. Competition begins January 21.

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