THE TURN Preview: 7 reasons to follow MavsGG this weekend

THE TURN takes place this weekend in Las Vegas from Thursday, May 9 to Saturday, May 11. All 21 NBA 2K League teams have the opportunity to take home a share of the $180,000 prize pool. According to the League’s seeding criteria, Mavs Gaming earned the No. 2 seed for THE TURN behind Pacers Gaming, despite a perfect 7-0 start. It simply came down to the team’s average point differential. As we prepare for our first tournament away from NYC, here are seven reasons you should watch out for Mavs Gaming.

7. Perfect start this season with a 7-0 record.

MavsGG currently shares the title of the most successful regular season start in the history of the NBA 2K League. Although the League shifted its standings to reflect seeding for the THE TURN, Mavs Gaming is tied at first place with Pacers Gaming. The only team to also have a 7-0 record was Blazer5 Gaming, who lost in Week 7 to Celtics Crossover Gaming. Head coach LT constantly reiterates the fact that “we only play who [the League] put in front of us” with many questioning our strength of schedule.

6. Mo currently sits at No.6 overall in total points scored (112).

After what he called “one of his worst shooting performances ever” in THE TIPOFF, Mo has found his rhythm in scoring. With clutch fourth-quarter buckets in the games versus the Wizards and the Heat, Mo has silenced any doubters that questioned whether or not he was worthy of the 14th-overall pick. He has earned himself two Player of the Game honors and continues to roll this season.

5. A little over five weeks ago, Mavs Gaming was ranked fourth in the League’s power rankings.

Each week since then, the team worked to prove how we deserve to be categorized as one of the best teams in the League. Even with a perfect record, our greatest test could come in the games at THE TURN. With a potential matchup against Blazer5 gaming on Saturday, our team’s best work has yet to be shown. With so many doubting our ability to win against a “top team,” this might be the time that we silence them.

4. To win THE TURN Tournament, Mavs Gaming will need to win a total of four games.

Our first game of the weekend takes place on Friday, May 10 at 5PM CT. The day before we play, there will be a series of play-in matches that the 11 teams with the lowest records will need to compete in to enter round 1 of tournament play. For a complete breakdown of this weekend’s schedule, check out the 2K League’s seeding breakdown and the complete season schedule.

3. We are the only team to have three coaches on staff.

Our head coach LT Fairley, assistant coach Lance Sessions, and mental skills coach Mike MacCrory all bring a different style to the team. Their input has continued to allow Mavs Gaming to stay first in class when working with the team. With years of 2K experience and traditional sports in their backgrounds, these hardworking coaches have been able to assist the players with any struggles that players may face on or off the court.

2. Dimez second in total assists after four weeks of competition (59).

Our point guard Dimez is finding his guys in the most critical moments during big games. His vision and leadership to communicate with his teammates has kept us at the top of the League’s standings. This season, he is averaging 11.8 points per game and 8.4 assists per game with 11 total steals grabbed.

1. Ball As One

This season’s motto resonates with everyone in our facility. From our players to the entire staff at Mavs Gaming, we operate as one unit, supporting each other in highs and lows. It’s a mentality that our head coach LT Fairley adopted at the beginning of our season and has become our season’s hashtag. More than anything else, our guys perform with the mindset that we succeed as a team and personal accolades don’t outweigh the team’s victories.

You can join us at the HyperX Esports Arena by purchasing tickets here. Tune in live on Twitch or YouTube Gaming on this Friday, May 10 at 5PM CT.