Mavs Gaming came up with a great creation to commemorate Luka Dončić and his honor of being a cover boy for NBA2K22.

Tex Moton, a renowned street artist who has worked with the Mavericks on various platforms, was enlisted to create a mural of Dončić to grace the gaming facility in Deep Ellum.

The result was a massive sidewalk-to-roof wall painting that captures the Mavericks’ superstar point guard with “NBA2K22” stripped across the top. While Dončić is on the mural, Mavericks’ legend Dirk Nowitzki also is featured on one of the covers of NBA2K22 as one of the game’s legends.

Moton collaborated with fellow mural artist Mez Data to illustrate Dončić shooting one of his fadeway jump shots in a white home jersey. That scene has a backdrop of Dončić in a blue jersey, letting loose with one of his triumphant yells.

“It’s been really a cool thing, being a Dallas native, to be so involved with the Mavs’ organization,” Moton said. “But this one is really special to me because it’s the first time that I feel that Dallas icons are getting acknowledged on this scale. So congrats to both Luka and Dirk for making the cover of 2K.”

Moton’s work should be familiar to Maverick fans. He designed the new basketball court at Paul Quinn College with a one-of-a-kind artscape that champions the Mavericks.

He also is responsible for the Love Field mural that graces the second level of Parking Lot C at the airport.

That’s in addition to supplying the artwork for the graffiti-style city edition jerseys that the Mavericks occasionally wear.

His partner on this project said there’s no way to quantify the honor of being on the NBA2K22 cover.

“I just wanted to commemorate this moment in history for Luka, the Mavericks and Dallas,” Data said. “The game (NBA2K) is worldwide. It’s huge. And I think it’s a big deal. And just really stoked for the city.”

The mural is at Malcolm X and Taylor streets in Deep Ellum. The Mavs Gaming team is in its fourth season.

Said Moton of the mural: “It’s going to be here for many years to come, so y’all come by and enjoy it.”

Moton added that he tries to bring positive vibes into all of his work, and the Mavs Gaming mural is no different.

“When I see somebody who might not be having the best day and they walk by one of my murals and they look up and they take that in – I think that’s when I have the ability to touch somebody and show my love through my artform,,” he said. “That’s one of the gifts God gave me to speak love through artistic language.”