Week 7 Recap: MavsGG routes Warriors and Celtics, moves to 8-3

After being eliminated in group play during last week’s TIPOFF tournament, MavsGG came out firing on all cylinders against both the Warriors Gaming Squad and CLTX Gaming to advance to 8-3 in the regular season.

Game 1: The Mavs led the entire way in this game, but the Warriors Gaming Squad kept it close until the very end. Spartxn helped the team in the first half leading the way with 11 points and 3-4 from behind the three point line. Meanwhile, Sherm ended with 28 points and 11 of them came in the 4th quarter alone and 21 in the second half.

Game 2: This game definitely goes down as one of the closest games the NBA 2k League has ever seen. MavsGG found themselves up by 1 after the 1st quarter, but quickly saw that lead disappear in the second. They trailed at the half by 8. Sherm found himself leading in scoring for the Mavs with 13, while CB13 for the Warriors squad balled out and 22 by half time.

The second half started to appear like more of the same with the Mavs still down by 7 at the end of the third. PeteBeBallin started to heat up with 10 points in the quarter. This all was in part to setup the 4th quarter that was one for the history books.

After slowly digging themselves back into the game in the 4th, they found themselves only down by one with just over a minute to go. Unfortunately PeteBeBallin’s connection decided to give out with just under a minute left causing the game to be restarted with only 55.6 seconds left on the clock. Under the NBA 2k League’s restart rules, the game starts over at the beginning of the 1st. This ultimately leads to a bunch of other basketball related factors coming into play such as fouls, timeouts, etc. The Warriors Gaming Squad found themselves abusing this by using all of their fouls to try and run the clock down as much as they can so MavsGG wouldn’t be able to get off a final shot. After using their last foul before putting the Mavs into the bonus, there was only about 2 seconds left for Mavs GG to get off a final shot. PeteBeBallin then proceeded to put away the game with one of the best buzzer beaters the League has ever seen.

Game 1: The NBA 2k League’s Game of the Week featuring the matchup of the first ever draft picks OFab and Dimez saw a blackout during Game 1 since the earlier matchups went to a Game 3. Luckily it was a blowout so the fans didn’t miss out on too much action.

Game 2: This game got off to a quick start as well for MavsGG with Sherm getting the team’s first 10 points to lead 10-2. Leading by 7 after one quarter, Sherm led the way with 14 points. PeteBeBallin came out firing in the second quarter almost tallying up a double double in just the 2nd quarter alone with 10 points and 9 rebounds. MavsGG led at the half by 8.

The 3rd quarter saw the Mavs take off even further and push the lead to 13 points heading into the final frame. CLTX Gaming made a run at it in the 4th behind oFAB’s 25 points, but in the end it was not enough. MavsGG completed the sweep, and Dimez got another Win against his rival.