Week 9 Recap: MavsGG one win away from clinching playoff spot

Game One – Mavs Gaming 74, Warriors Gaming Squad 72

In its first regular season match after THE TICKET, Mavs Gaming debuted a new lineup featuring veteran GRANT MONSTER. He stepped in for Rux, due to an injury.

This would be the second time this season that MavsGG faced Warriors Gaming. In their first meeting, the Bay Area team defeated MavsGG 64-60, despite Dallas holding a six-point lead coming out of halftime.

However, it was the complete opposite at the start of this regular season matchup. Warriors Gaming Squad lead by 19-points after the first two quarters of play.

Dimez doubled his production in the third quarter, scoring 16 of the team’s 25 points. Down by five entering the fourth quarter, GRANT MONSTER’s block over Gradient swung the momentum back over to Dallas, and the team took the lead off of GRANT’s big dunk and sealed the game.

In the end, it would be Dimez that earned player of the game with 25 points and 10 assists, shooting 82% from field-goal range.

Game Two – Celtics Crossover Gaming 81, Mavs Gaming 58

The next day, MavsGG lost to Celtics Crossover Gaming, 81-58. CLTX Gaming came into this game on a four-game win streak.

MavsGG struggled to maintain possession of the ball, which ultimately hurt the team’s performance. Boston’s backcourt had some of its best games to date, as oFAB scored 23 points and 13 assists and Profusion shot 92% from the field and scored 30 points.

In week 10, Mavs Gaming has its final doubleheader of the regular season. On Friday, MavsGG plays Magic Gaming and Blazer5 Gaming in the 2K League Studios in New York.