Q: Help! I don’t have a team. How can I find people to compete with?

A: Join our MavsGG community discord to find others looking for a roster.

Q: I play on PC and would like to compete in the event. Can I play?

A: At this time, we will only have tournaments on Xbox and PS4. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to branch in to a PC or Switch tournament.

Q: Explain the $100 team pass.

A: The $100 team pass covers every participant on a team. With five players, each player could essentially pay $20 each.

Q: What do we do if my team wants to compete on both Xbox and PS4?

A: If a team chooses to compete in both tournaments, the team will need to pay $200.

Q: Why do I need to bring my console?

A: A maximum of five accounts can be recovered onto a single console for NBA 2K servers. To avoid tournament delays and server restrictions, we plan to use players’ consoles with the MavsGG cables for a smooth tournament experience.

Q: What hotels do you recommend?

A: Hotel Information can be found on the main tournament page here.