1. All teams participating in the local tournament must have a minimum of five (5) players on the roster in order to participate in the tournament. Maximum of six (6) players.
  2. All players will have to provide their real name in tournament registration.
  3. All players must participate under the gamertag that they have registered.
    • If players previously entered other NBA 2K League tournaments, you will need to compete under the same gamertag.
  4. All players must own the PSN/Gamertag that they participate under.
  5. All players can only compete on one (1) roster on each console. IF A PLAYER IS FOUND COMPETING ON MULTIPLE ROSTERS, ALL TEAMS INVOLVED CAN BE DISQUALIFIED.
  6. All players must comply with all applicable laws, as well as NBA 2K League qualifier and combine rules and procedures.

Gameplay Rules:

  1. A MavsGG tournament administrator will make the final judgement on all gameplay rules.
  2. Game Hours are from 6 EST – 11 EST. Games can be played outside of those hours, if both teams agree. If any teams is not available during those times, they may be subject to a forfeit.
  3. If any player disconnects during a match, the game must be replayed until time reaches the point of remaining time in the previous game. The team that was up during the disconnection will be spotted the amount of points they were up by.
  4. Mandatory tournament jersey guidelines: White or light-colored home uniforms. Dark-colored away jerseys.
  5. All participating courts must have the MavsGG tournament logo on the court. Logos can be added via
  6. Players are not allowed to utilize the defensive badge Heart Crusher at any point during the tournament.
  7. Players are not allowed to send a message during gameplay. Doing so can result in a forfeit or a loss of possession.
  8. If during any point in the tournament gameplay isn’t able to resume, teams will use All-Star Teamup to proceed in the game. The team that has the biggest point differential throughout the competition will have the choice to pick what team they will use. (Ex: East/West)
  9. All decisions that are made regarding a team will be made by the team’s owner. Owners will be identified and labeled during the sign-up process.
  10. All players must follow NBA 2K League’s rules and guidelines.
  11. All participants must comply with the NBA 2K League conduct policies.

Matchmaking Tournament Protocol:

  1. Once you have become a confirmed Texas Ticket Online, you will receive an email that will include a link to the discord that the tournament will be hosted in.
  2. Once you have entered the Discord, please see the Discord rules and the team contact list so that you will know how to contact your opponent.
  3. Once you know your opponent, you will have 24 hours to schedule and play your match. Please make sure a MavsGG administrator is there when you are scheduling. Twitter group chat is the preferred method. A list of MavsGG tournament administrators will be listed on the contact form.
  4. If you and your opponent both establish, all 5 players must be in the Pro-Am court ready within 20 minutes on the scheduled time. If a team is late their opponent can contact a MavsGG administrator who will then issue a forfeit. Forfeits will not be granted if the team is in the court ready to search.
  5. Bracket – The Texas Ticket Online bracket will be randomly generated via and streamed online via twitch at
  6. Posting Game Results – Once the game have been played please grab a screenshot of the boxscore and post it in one of the discords labeled “Texas Ticket Online Xbox or Texas Ticket Online PS4. THE WINNING TEAM MUST RECORD THE WINNING AND LOSING GAMES FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES
  7. Streaming – All Texas Tickets Online games must be streamed to the twitch channel provided in the registration. If the channel goes offline during the tournament you can be eligible for a forfeit.
  8. Disputes – For any disputes a tournament administrator will be on standby to handle. All disputes must have proof via video clip or screenshots. The MavsGG tournament team will then investigate the proof and make a decision.
  9. Roster Changes – Rosters will be open until 48 hours of the tournament start time. To make a change on PS4, please email LT Fairley at To make a change on Xbox, please email Lance Sessions at