THE TICKET Preview: Everything you need to know about Orlando

THE TICKET, the final – and most important – tournament of the season, will take place in Orlando. Full Sail University has been named the official host for the weekend, marking the first major event to take place in the brand new esports arena known as The Fortress.

With nearly two and a half games separating the sixth and the 18th seeds, the stakes will be even higher than last season. Knicks Gaming won the 2018 tournament, despite being one of the lowest ranked in regular season. That same New York team would win the first championship of the NBA 2K League.

This season might bring a similar scenario.

Even with the “Happiest Place on Earth” in its backyard, Orlando will only bring one team true happiness with a guaranteed spot into the playoffs.

Here’s everything else you need to know, including how to attend the event:

What is at stake in THE TICKET?

The most important prize for this tournament will be an automatic bid into the playoffs, which take place in late July. For most teams, especially those that rank among the bottom of the pack, THE TICKET gives them one last opportunity to make it to the Finals, and possibly, hoist the championship trophy.

Teams will also compete for a share of the $180,000 prize pool, which is divided up by the top eight teams. The League states that first place earns $90,720; second place earns $29,760; third and fourth place earn $15,360 each; and fifth through eighth place receive $7,200 each.

How will THE TICKET be seeded?

Other than an automatic bid to the playoffs, the biggest differentiator for THE TICKET is the fact that the seeding will be based on the four weeks preceding the tournament. To be specific, only weeks five through eight will apply to final seeding.

When analyzing the total games played per team, 11 teams play six games in that four-week span, six teams play five, and finally four teams play four games, including Mavs Gaming.

Similar to THE TURN, the first day of games will consist of five play-in games for the lower-seeded teams with two first-round matches to cap the night. The remainder of the week will be a single elimination bracket. Winning in the first round of games will place teams into prize standings.

How does MavsGG look headed into THE TICKET?

With the bye week, MavsGG finished this four-week stretch with a 3-1 record. The team sits tied with Blazer5 Gaming for first place in the League standings.

Mavs Gaming split its games with a win over Kings Guard Gaming (69-40) and a tough loss to 76ers GC (74-68) in week seven of the regular season. Dimez earned his fourth player of the game award completing a double double in the win over Kings Guard.

For an in-depth recap of last week’s action, read the full week 7 recap here.

Every rookie on the MavsGG roster is mentioned in the latest League rookie report. This article provides a deeper insight into the Rookie of the Year race. PeteBeBallin is once again in the running for May’s Player of the Month and has also been mentioned in the MVP race during week six.

What other teams should be on your radar?

The Obvious: Blazer5 Gaming

With Blazer5 currently on a 10-game winning streak, this team poses a threat to any opponent they face. Mavs Gaming will see this Portland team during week 10 of the regular season. Mama Im Dat Man also leads most polls for the MVP race, so shutting him down will be key for a MavsGG victory if the teams should face off in this tournament.

Middle of the Pack: Magic Gaming

Magic Gaming has found its rhythm since adding ToXsiK to its roster. In a way, the loss to the Warriors seems to have sparked a new fire under this team, and its recent success proves why. With two big wins over Raptors Uprising and 76ers GC in week seven, Reizey earned player of the week honors. It also helps that this team will be playing with home-court advantage during THE TICKET.

Sleeper Team: Celtics Crossover Gaming

CLTX Crossover is tough to place as the sleeper team for this upcoming tournament. Although the team’s current regular season record sits at 4-5, CLTX has performed well in this four-week period. The team will have a 3-1 record for THE TICKET, which is the same as MavsGG. Boston’s seeding is much higher than THE TURN, and has avoided play-in games. This team also has plenty of familiarity with big tournament games. They have had three finals appearances in total, including this season’s TIPOFF tournament.

How can you attend THE TICKET?

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